Are our solutions to violence:

Creative. Always open to new possibilities..

Collective. Bringing together others to create a collective response to violence.

Holistic. Integrating concern for and participation of all involved in and impacted by violence including survivors, friends and family, allies, people doing harm.

Accountable. Thinking about our own role and responsibility in creating violence and bringing about a change.

Safe. Expand options and opportunities for safety – emotional and physical

Risk-Taking. Take risks – risk vulnerability to expand opportunities for transformation – companion to safety

Organic. Build on what people/communities know and value

Flexible. Understand unique opportunities & challenges in each situation – stay open

Patient. Respect the unanticipated and long-term timing of transformation

Sustainable. Build processes and solutions that are sustainable long-term

Transformative. Guided and driven by vision of healthy change for all

Regenerative. Solutions regenerate across diverse communities, regions