“Our goal is not ending violence. It is liberation.” Beth Richie

The vision of Creative Interventions is based upon liberation — the positive, life-affirming, transformative potential within communities.

All activities and projects of Creative Interventions are meant to unearth and build upon the often hidden and devalued knowledge and skills expressed by generations of people who have courageously defied violence and created new spaces for safety and self-determination.

CI Guiding Principles

While guided by the overall vision of liberation, CI with its collaborative partners have generated a set of guiding principles:

  • Creative. Allow solutions to emerge
  • Collective. Solution relies on collective or community capacity, resources and decision-making
  • Holistic. Hold all parts including survivor(s), allies/community, person(s) doing harm to possibilities of positive change
  • Acccountable. All are accountable to transform violence; all have a role and responsibility
  • Safe. Expand options and opportunities for safety – emotional and physical
  • Risk-Taking. Task risks – risk vulnerability to expand opportunities for transformation (companion to safety)
  • Organic. Build on what people/communities know and value
  • Flexible. Understand unique opportunities, challenges and changes in each situation – stay open
  • Patient. Respect the unanticipated and long-term timing of transformation
  • Sustainable. Build processes and solutions that are sustainable long-term
  • Transformative. Remain guided and driven by a vision of healthy change for all
  • Regenerative. Solutions regenerate and expand in unique ways across diverse communities and locations